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Richard Parsey

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Currently, I am attending UCFV as part of the Computer Information Systems diploma program with the coop option, hopefully I will be continuing on to the degree program. Although I am in my first year the computer field is not new to me, I have attended several post-secondary institutions to study computers. Hopefully nothing will happen to me this time to prevent me from finishing the program. Well here is a list of all the places I have attended, what I studied, and what I thought:

  1. BCIT

    I was enrolled in the Computer Sytstems Technology program and thought it was great. BCIT has a very work orientated study program, when you go to school there it is like having a job. The organize your schedule and classes for you, Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm. You are enrolled in eight classes per term, totaling 30 hours or more per week. I had to leave due to medical reasons.

  2. UCFV

    As I mentioned above I am currently enrolled at UCFV. I like it here as well, the atmosphere is good, the instructors are good, and it is close to home. As I mentioned before I am in the CIS diploma program, with the coop option, and hoping to go on to a Bachelors Degree. Perhaps after that persuing a masters.

  3. Vancouver Career College (VCC)

    I graduated from the Computer Network Specialist diploma program at VCC with a 4.0 gpa. This college is very expensive and the diploma is not highly recognized in the working world. But it is a great way to get traingin and work towards getting industry certifications. i.e. MCSA, A+, Network+, CCNA, and more...

As you can see computers are my primary interest, that's because as I grew up as computers grew. I rember as a young child learning to program my Tandy and my Commodore 64. So this may be my official education history but my knowledge begind way before college or university.

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