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Richie's Birthday Bash

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This page is about me and my birthday.

A Picture of Me

Here are the important headings on this page, choose one you are interested in.
Party Plans · Wish List · Birth Information

Party Plans

Day: Saturday October 14
Place: My House
Time: 4:00 pm
Plans: The plan is to have a BBQ and do some drinking. Other than that not much is planned, unless others are planning something for me (Check with the Birthday Contacts ).

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Wish List

I know not all of this stuff is easy to get or affordable but that's why it's called a "Wish List"

  1. Tools
  2. Car Parts
  3. Car Audio
  4. New Clothes
  5. New Shoes (Adidas Size 9)
  6. Soccer ball
  7. Alcohol

Now to give you an idea of where to get these things for me I have provided a few links to stores Birthday Links .

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Birth Information

Birthday: October 15, 1978
Birth place: Hope, BC
Birth time: 2:16 am
Parents: Rod Parsey and Janice Parsey

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A link to my CIS 145 page